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Greek Olive Oil

Taste of the Ancients – 16 oz.

500 mL

Unfiltered Greek Olive Oil (Reserve Quality)

The warm embrace of the sun-drenched, ancient Greek countryside is richly evident in every taste of Twelve Letter Company Olive Oil. Enjoy its buttery, smooth sensation on the palate, its fruity aroma and slight peppery zestiness in the throat—it’s a symphony of flavorful notes few olive oils can match. Above all, our gourmet olive oil is highly balanced and harmonious in flavor to accompany your favorite dish, or simply when enjoyed alone with nothing but bakery-fresh bread. All of these attributes are evocative of the highest-quality olive oil, produced on the day of its harvest to maximize the value of its anti-oxidants and healthy benefits. Twelve Letter Company Olive Oil—Brought to America with pride, a love of great flavor, and a deep appreciation of the virtues of our ancient culture.

  • A great size for tasting and sharing with friends.
  • Unmatched, authentic flavor and consistency.
  • Makes a cherished gift, too!
  • Bottle comes in burlap bag with “Evil Eye” amulet.

Storing Your Olive Oil
Olive oil is best stored in a cool, dark space in your home. Refrigeration is not necessary.

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